User Feedback System for Mac OS X



The User Feedback System is an easy-to-implement system for collecting feedback from users with the goal of increasing software quality to increase sales. In addition to direct feedback, the User Feedback System is built to work with Breakpad to collect crash data and return that to you as well. Implemented as a Mac OS X framework and providing broad support for Mac OS X, the system is a comprehensive solution for any software product. The User Feedback System also provides a general UI to collect info from the user as well as APIs to package any kind of data for transfer through the system.

A complete drop-in system that allows application developers to easily collect feedback from users. Quick-to-use windows, a data transfer engine, and sample server PHP files are all provided as part of the package. Simply add the framework to your application and a few API calls, and you can beging receiving feedback right away. This valuable feedback can be used to quickly improve your application and your user's experience, creating more loyal and happy customers.


Sample Usage

1) Download the Evaluation.

2) Add the Framework to your application.

3) Add a menu item to your application called "Technical Support Request".

4) Add a few lines of code at application startup and a few lines of code in response to the menu item.

6) Put the sample PHP scripts on your server and configure the receiving e-mail address.

7) That's it! When the user selects the menu item, the following window will be presented to the user. After the user enters the info and clicks Submit, you will receive the info at the specified e-mail address!


More Details

The User Feedback System works by providing a User Interface to the customer to collect information. A number of different window types are provided as part of the framework and you are free to create whatever UI is appropriate for your application. The next step is to create a DataPackage from the user's information. The provided windows do this automatically and there is an API available to allow you to easily create DataPackages from within your application. Once the DataPackage has been created, the provided Uploader App will upload the data to your server and provide a progress UI to the user. Your server is then free to process the data as needed, and sample PHP scripts are provided showing how to send the data to a specified e-mail account.


System Requirements

User Feedback System Framework
        PPC: Mac OS X 10.4 and later
        Intel 32-bit: Mac OS X 10.4 and later
        Intel 64-bit: Mac OS X 10.6 and later

User Feedback Uploader App
        PPC: Mac OS X 10.5 and later
        Intel 32-bit: Mac OS X 10.5 and later
        Intel 64-bit: Mac OS X 10.6 and later


Download an Evaluation

Download the full kit here. The kit includes everything you need to fully implement the system - the framework and helper apps, a fully working demo application showing use of all APIs, sample PHP scripts, and all the documentation and licensing forms. Activate a free 30 day evaluation license for your application by completing and returning the Evaluation Form.



A Distribution License is required to deploy the User Feedback System in your application to the field. A Distribution License is $299 per Bundle ID for one year or $499 per Bundle ID for two years.