Welcome to Sunset Magicwerks

Sunset Magicwerks is a cutting-edge studio that creates magic through technology. Focusing on the Entertainment Industry, we provide expertise in the following areas:


iOS Application Development

With almost 40 apps created in the last 4 years, we can build almost anything you can think of. Notable portfolio examples include:


Mac OS X Software Development

With over 28 years of software development behind us, we have the experience to create high-performance solutions to your custom software needs. Notable portfolio examples include:


Networked Client/Server Systems Software Development

Recently we have been gaining experience in building complete client/server systems. Notable portfolio examples include:


Electronics Design and Prototyping

We have the best Electronics Designers in the Special Effects industry on our team to quickly create exciting prototypes and products to bring your ideas to life. Notable portfolio examples include:


Interactive Entertainment and Game Software Development

Using our internally developed SceneApp technology base, creating entertaining interactive apps and games is a snap. **Full iOS support today and Android support coming soon!** Notable portfolio examples include: