Welcome to Sunset Magicwerks


Sunset Magicwerks, LLC was founded in 2009 to help fellow entertainment visionaries bring their imaginative ideas to life by the creative application of advanced technology and advanced software engineering to solve any challenge.


We are a high-end, cutting-edge studio that creates magic through technology.  Focusing on the Entertainment Industry, we provide expertise in the following areas:



With more than 50 apps created, we can build anything you can think of.  Notable projects are:

Fisher-Price® Smart Connect™ App for iOS (US English)
LivePlay for iOS for Light Iron
TouchTour for iPad for Engrain




With decades of software development behind us, we have the experience to create high-performance solutions to your custom software needs.  Notable projects are:

Library Monkey Pro for macOS for Monkey Tools
LivePlay for macOS for Light Iron
Tasting Machines for SWEET!




We do Android!.  Notable projects are:

Fisher-Price® Smart Connect™ App for Android (US English)
Virtual Sheet Music for Android
Artist Armor for Android




Complete client/server systems are also an area of expertise.  Notable projects are:

LivePlay for Light Iron
The Chocolate Lab for SWEET!
Candy Card Database/Server for SWEET!




We have the best Electronics Designers in the Special Effects industry on our team to quickly create exciting prototypes and products to bring your ideas to life.  Notable projects are:

Fully-Automated Model Railroad
Tiny electronics packed inside oversized Jenga blocks for 3D Mass!
Puppet Audio System




Using our internally developed SceneApp technology base, creating entertaining interactive apps and games is a snap.  Full iOS and Android support!  Notable projects are:

Super Capers Interactive Motion Comic #1 for iPhone for RG Entertainment
BIGFOOT the Monster for iPhone for Fisher-Price
Laugh & Learn Shapes & Colors Music Show for Baby for iPhone and iPad for Fisher-Price