SWEET! Hollywood
Sunset Magicwerks provided software prototyping and devopment in addition to electronics design and manufacturing during the final store development before opening. See below for details on the individual areas where Sunset Magicwerks contributed. The store website can be accessed at SWEET! Hollywood

Tasting Machines

Transforming discarded cigarette vending machines into cutting-edge interactive candy dispensing machines, Sunset Magicwerks worked to replace the original control hardware with a modern Mac Mini-based system and wrote the software to drive the touch-panel based user experience.


The Chocolate Lab

Susnet Magicwerks designed and prototyped an entire software system to facilitate the full operation of The Chocolate Lab. From ordering kiosks to behind-the-glass worker stations, to the pick-up window, Sunset Magicwerks designed and prototyped the central server software as well as the individual, customized software at each of 9 different stations.


Candy Card Database/Server

Sunset Magicwerks designed and deployed a system by which in-store Candy Cards could be activated and used in a wide variety of in-store vending areas and devices.


Remote Payment Interface

Sunset Magicwerks designed, built, and deployed a custom hardware/software solution providing an interface between other-vendor supplied vending systems and the Candy Card Database. The hardware was based on the DevKit8000 and included a fully interactive touch-based UI for internal development and testing.